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Introduction to QTurn White Papers

We, at QTurn, are pleased to share the first three, in a series of four, white papers. White Paper 1, Socio-Emotional Skills, Quality, and Equity (Peck & Smith, 2020), provides a translational framework for understanding our relatively unique view of the key parts of a socio-emotional skill set. In short, we develop a case for supplementing the traditional focus on student beliefs and behavior with a much more extensive focus on students’ emotional life and

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Reflections on White Paper 1

In conjunction with the release of White Paper 1 this week – A Framework for Socio-Emotional Skills, Quality, and Equity – we want to mention a few of the highlights: What are socio-emotional skills? In our view, a person’s socio-emotional skills are integrated sets of mental and behavioral parts and processes (i.e., schemas, beliefs, and awareness); these integrated systems are socio-emotional skills and produce both basic and advanced forms of agency. Why are socio-emotional skills

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A Compassionate Evaluation using the GOLD Assessment in Genesee Intermediate School District

In early 2020, COVID-19 rates were soaring. Masks, cleaning supplies, and clear information were in short supply. This was especially true for schools across the country. Teachers, parents, and students were unsure about what was going to happen next. On Thursday, April 1, 2020 (in-person) school was still in session in the Genesee Intermediate School District (GISD) and the students and staff of the 21st CCLC Brides to Success afterschool programs were looking forward to

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What Exactly is Compassionate Evaluation?

Compassion has a lot of definitions, but most have to do with recognition of suffering, action to alleviate suffering, and tolerance of discomfort during the action.[i] By April of 2020, we knew that our afterschool partners in Genesee County (including the city of Flint) Michigan, and many of the children and families that they served, were suffering. A significantly higher proportion than usual of those families were in a crisis-mode. For afterschool educators, the learning

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Continuous Quality Improvement and Evaluation in 2020: A Plan for 21st Century Community Learning Centers

During times of crisis when programs are under tremendous pressures, evaluation and assessment can be challenging. Programs enter triage mode, putting their limited time and energy into the most urgent tasks. This heightens the need for evaluation that reduces strain and improves capacity. When conditions that created the crisis are long-lasting, like the coronavirus pandemic, it becomes necessary to revisit and restore vital activities that may have been moved to the backburner, but to do

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QTurn’s Afterschool Evaluation Plan 2020

In partnership with the Michigan Department of Education and Michigan After-School Partnership, QTurn has put together a suite of evaluation tools specifically developed for afterschool programs during the 2020-21 school year – The Afterschool Evaluation 2020 (AEP2020). The Management Practices Self-Assessment (MPSA), Guidance for Learning at a Distance (GOLD), and the Adult Rating of Youth Behavior (ARYB) are a suite of tools originally designed for 21st Century Community Learning Center programs, however any youth-serving out-of-school

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