Guidance for Afterschool Learning at a Distance

Guidance for Afterschool Learning at a Distance (Guidance) is a set of program standards and self-assessment questions for afterschool program managers and staff who are responsible for delivering OST services to young people in a household learning environment. The purpose of these resources is to provide (a) a quality lens through which to evaluate promising practices for learning at a distance and (b) a self-assessment tool for getting specific about what and where supports are needed. This guidance is a work in progress, and the current self-assessment manual and rubric forms are the third iteration, with version 4.0 to follow. Version 4.0 will include real examples, drawn directly from the field, of promising practices related to each indicator.

Standards and Self-Assessment Manual (July 2020)

Self-Assessment Rubric (July 2020)

Distance Learning Best Practice Resources (July 2020)

Citation: Smith, C., Roy, L., Smith, L., Sutton, M., & Porter, K. (2020). Guidance for Afterschool Learning at a Distance: Standards and Self-Assessment Manual. Michigan Afterschool Partnership and QTurn LLC, Lansing MI.