Michigan Afterschool Collaborative - Leadership Summit 2023 Session:
(Adult &) Youth Voice and Climate Readiness in Schools

Check out a video presentation of our session, a downloadable version of the slide deck with notes, and a resource guide with links.

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Socio-emotional Skill-Building Intervention (SSBI)

Does your quality improvement system (or PBIS) need a socio-emotional skills upgrade?

SSBI may be just what you are looking for. 

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Tell the stories of your program’s impact on equitable youth outcomes with your existing data.

Equity in children’s socio-emotional skill growth is of special importance to our work. Our approach to data can reveal the benefits of high-quality programming for the at-risk children you serve. QTurn has helped organizations across the country see the positive outcomes and overall impact of their work that was hidden in their existing data. Using pattern-centered evaluation methods, we can connect children’s academic, social, and emotional skill growth to program quality. Our methods are more ensitive to changes in outcome variables and do not require no-treatment control groups to produce valid results.

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Build research and evaluation capacity to promote data driven change

QTurn supports senior leaders in building staff expertise and the tools needed to engage stakeholders with data about socio-emotional skills and change at scale. We have the experience to help you design “good to great” data systems, train your staff on new standards, and utilize your data system for continuous improvement.

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