What we do.

QTurn offers a unique and focused set of supports to organizations as they build their Quality Improvement System (QIS) capacities and increase social impact. We tailor our team working with an organization based on their capacity, goals and resources.

Training and Technical Assistance

Like the rest of the OST field, QTurn has focused it’s T&TA services on responding to the Coronavirus pandemic. QTurn offers four different trainings on our self-assessment tool: Guidance for Out-of-School Time Learning at a Distance (GOLD). These trainings range from 1-5 hours and for all levels of youth development experience.

Evaluation and Technical Services

QTurn offers unique evaluation plans specifically developed for afterschool programs during the 2020-21 school year. As evaluators, QTurn takes a  compassionate approach to evaluation that focuses on removing burdens, validating the hardships specific to the Coronavirus pandemic, and providing guidance and reassurance.

QTurn Consulting

QTurn comes from the TQM/Deming tradition (Charles was trained as an ISO auditor) but with a modern psychological understanding of who the people are and how to measure things. This means we know how to do “continuous quality improvement (CQI) cycle for standards-driven service delivery.” We really care about motivation and buy-in of the staff. We also bring a “process approach” which means we like to draw left-to-right pictures of workflow or adult learning or data entry etc. QTurn’s specialization is helping Quality Assurance Systems produce more useful (i.e., valid) data and information while increasing management and frontline staff sense of agency in their work.