Teacher Practices Instrument (TPI)

QTurn’s Teacher Practices Instrument (TPI) is an observational rating measure designed to assess the quality of teacher (or staff) practices in school classrooms or out-of-school time (OST) programs, build a quality-focused organizational culture, develop improvement goals, identify staff training needs, and provide information about how specific aspects of instructional quality relate to specific aspects of children’s socio-emotional skill growth. This measurement tool is applicable to all staff delivering school or OST instruction or other learning experiences and is focused on staff practices that are warm, responsive, scaffolded, and encouraging. Each of the 24 items on the TPI describes a staff practice used to promote the socio-emotional skill growth of children.

Citation: Smith, Peck (2023). Teacher Practices Instrument (TPI). QTurn LLC.

Management Practices Self-Assessment (MPSA)

The Management Practices Self-Assessment (MPSA) is a measurement instrument created to empower Michigan 21st CCLC Project Directors, who manage at least one program site. The MPSA provides Project Directors with the opportunity to check-in with themselves and their team by identifying practices and policies that are well-documented and working well, or that could be updated or improved, and areas where they need additional assistance to reach their full potential.

Citation: Smith, Thoreson, Smith, Peck, Sipes (2020). Management Practices Self-Assessment (MPSA) for Project Directors in Michigan’s 21st Century Community Learning Centers. Michigan Department of Education and QTurn LLC.

These materials were developed under a grant awarded by the Michigan Department of Education.