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Parent Practice Quality: Prototypical Profiles and Explanation of Measures

Author(s):Charles Smith, Ph.D. and Stephen Peck, Ph.D.
Publication Date: August 20, 2020
Publisher: QTurn Group
Area: Newark, New Jersey

QTurn’s Multilevel Person-in-Context ~neuroperson (MPCn) model was used to select PACT items corresponding to four different kinds of parenting practices that promote children’s SEL skill growth. As described in the document in more detail, we use the terms Warmth, Responsivity, Scaffolding, and Attention because they reflect the core aspects of parenting practice necessary for calibrating socialization environments to the current skill levels of participating children. Although the basic idea is that parenting practices that combine moderate difficulty, positive affect, adult modeling, and co-participation in the learning task promote child engagement in the learning process, hence SEL skill development and integration.


[for full report] Peck, S. C., & Smith, C. (2020). Impact Evaluation for the Parent Child Plus Program, Newark Trust for Education. Ypsilanti, MI: QTurn.

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