Quality-Outcomes Study for Seattle Public Schools Summer Programs

January 11, 2018
Charles Smith, Ph.D., Leanne Roy, Stephen Peck, Ph.D., Colin Macleod, Katherine Helegda, and John Hughes

This quality-outcomes study was designed to both (a) describe performance in Seattle Public Schools (SPS) summer learning programs in ways that are useful to staff and (b) provide evaluative evidence (i.e., validity) for an instructional model that includes challenging academic content and responsive instructional practices.

Afterschool Quality

December 23, 2014
Charles Smith, Tom Akiva, Gina McGovern, and Stephen Peck

This research article discusses efforts to define and improve the quality of afterschool services, highlighting areas of agreement and identifying leading-edge issues. We conclude that the afterschool field is especially well positioned to deliver high-quality services and demonstrate effectiveness at scale because a strong foundation has been built for continuous improvement of service quality.

Linking after-school instructional practices to youth engagement: A pattern-centered approach

January 1, 2010
Tom Akiva, Lee M. Pearson, Samantha Sugar, Stephen Peck, Charles Smith, and Anne-Sophie Denault

This paper uses pattern centered methods to describe the association between the quality of instruction available and youth’s level of mental engagement with that instruction.