Measure Once, Cut Twice: Using Data For Continuous and Impact Evaluation in Education Programs

April 9, 2019
Charles Smith, Ph.D., Stephen Peck, Ph.D., Leanne Roy, and Lucy Smith

This paper describes a generic quality-outcomes design (Q-O design) that meets the need for performance measurement methodology for concurrent and integrated impact evaluation and continuous improvement in the same organization; that is, measure once, cut twice. 

Quality-Outcomes Study for Seattle Public Schools Summer Programs

January 11, 2018
Charles Smith, Ph.D., Leanne Roy, Stephen Peck, Ph.D., Colin Macleod, Katherine Helegda, and John Hughes

This quality-outcomes study was designed to both (a) describe performance in Seattle Public Schools (SPS) summer learning programs in ways that are useful to staff and (b) provide evaluative evidence (i.e., validity) for an instructional model that includes challenging academic content and responsive instructional practices.