Socio-Emotional Skills, Quality, and Equity

July 13, 2021
Stephen Peck and Charles Smith

We introduce a theoretical framework designed to describe the integrated set of mental and behavioral parts and processes (i.e., schemas, beliefs, and awareness) that are socio-emotional skills and that produce both basic and advanced forms of agency. With improved definitions and understanding of SEL skills, and the causes of SEL skill growth, we hope to improve reasoning about programs and policies for socio-emotional supports in any setting where children spend time.

Measure Once, Cut Twice: Using Data For Continuous and Impact Evaluation in Education Programs

April 9, 2019
Charles Smith, Ph.D., Stephen Peck, Ph.D., Leanne Roy, and Lucy Smith

This paper describes a generic quality-outcomes design (Q-O design) that meets the need for performance measurement methodology for concurrent and integrated impact evaluation and continuous improvement in the same organization; that is, measure once, cut twice.